Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Now the turn around begins for the A's!

I just can't be neutral with the A's this year.

I'm not even an A's fan and yet I find myself thinking a lot about them... and it is either grandiose (like when I picked them to win the World Series) or cataclysmic (when I demanded they fire the manager on the spot).

So when I saw the A's won last night and the Rangers get a dose of reality from the Yankees I thought "This is it... the first step back for the A's."

I thought "Each journey starts with a single step... and the Rangers are about to come crashing to Earth, the Angels are in flux and the Mariners are a mess... and my picking the A's won't look so stupid when they come all the way back to win the AL West. And it all turned on June 2."

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  1. Dale Sams1:31 PM

    Not even Michael Caine could save the A's....oh wait, that was Beyond The Poseidon Adventure.

  2. I used to have a law partner that would come up with all these dire predictions for the future because this month was somewhat below the last month. It was like he would connect the dots and draw the line running infinitely down in the future.

    Tune in tomorrow and see where our friend Sully is if the Rangers win tonight and the A's fall......