Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Pepitone - Sullivan connection

I am friends with the brilliant comic actor Eddie Pepitone. He is a rabid Yankees fan… possibly as big a Yankees fan as I have ever met in my life.

I am a Red Sox fan in case you are new to the blog.

And since the late 1990s we have had an e mail exchange regarding the two teams that if you read them, you would assume that two seven year olds were sending e mails back and forth.

We also call each other constantly during Red Sox/Yankees games, but after 2003 we had to institute a new rule… no calling during the playoffs. It was too much.

Well last night Chien Ming Wang seemed to ensure that he will not give the Yankees a 5 inning out for at least a calendar year. Nick Swisher decided to screw up in the field AND the basepaths, Phil Hughes threw in a balk for good measure and the Yankees fell out of first and lost their first 7 meetings with the Red Sox.

And yet this still didn’t keep Pepitone (no relation to Joe) from trying to taunt me.

“You know even though you are 7-0 against the Yankees, you are only 1 game up on them.” He said.

I paused.

“So let me get this straight” I asked. “What you are saying is My team kills your team head to head and are better in the standings. Where is the taunt?”

Sabathia goes tonight against Penny. And if EVERYTHING goes the Yankees way and Sabathia throws a perfect game and A-Rod hits 5 homers and Youkilis makes 6 errors allowing a run to score every inning… the Yankees will still be 1-7 against the Red Sox.

Even Pepitone has to admit that hurts.

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