Thursday, June 25, 2009

Am I supposed to know who Mike Burns is?

Mike Burns is pitching for the Brewers today.

And the pictures that have been used for Mike Burns in the various game previews have included him in a Red Sox uniform.

And they all got the same reaction from me.

Mike Burns? Who the hell is Mike Burns?

I follow the Red Sox pretty darn closely. And I don't remember Mike Burns.

Is this a Bryan Clutterbuck situation where there was a player who somehow escaped any recollection on my part?

I went to and looked up Mike. And lo and behold he pitched 7 games for the 2006 Red Sox.

Of course that was the team that was in first place for much of the year and then had such a horrific August (including being swept in a 5 game series in Fenway) that by the time September came along, they were also rans playing out the string.

And Mike Burns got some innings in.

That was also right around the time I began Sully Baseball in its first incarnation (as an iWeb blog.)

So I am sorry Mike... you pitched for my team and I don't remember you.

Whenever I realize there is a player that I have no memory of despite playing in a time where I SHOULD know them... I'm going to call that a "Clutterbuck."

Mike Burns? No memory of him... he's a complete Clutterbuck.

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