Friday, June 26, 2009

Doesn't anyone want to win the NL East?

Seriously, you guys know if you win the NL East, you get to go to the playoffs, right?

Heck the Phillies won the World Series last year, so winning it can be advantageous.

The 5 NL East teams lost tonight by a collective score of 37-7.

The Marlins were the only team to show up, losing in the 8th.

The Mets played the worst defense of any team not paid off by Arnold Rothstein. 

World Series hero Cole Hamels fell apart in the 5th and Ricky Romero flirted with a no hitter.

Josh Beckett continues to own the Braves.

And the Beltway Series drama ended in the 6th with an 8 run explosion by the Orioles.

The entire NL East stayed pat.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know. There's a lot of baseball left to be played. But not THAT much!

It's July next week. Teams are thinking about the trade deadline. 

And these games... they count.

Let's see SOMEONE step up!

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  1. Hey, I'm loving this... the Braves are 5 games under .500 and only 4 games out of first.