Thursday, June 18, 2009

The best .500 team in baseball

No, not the Cubs.

Yeah I know the Cubs had a big comeback win today. I just don't trust that team.

But the Twins... they seem like they should OVER .500, don't they?

With Blackburn, Baker, Perkis and Slowey in the rotation and Nathan anchoring the bullpen, shouldn't they be a little bit better than .500?

With Mauer putting together an MVP type season and Morneau, Kubel et al in their lineup, shouldn't they be giving that pitching some run support?

But it took today's 5-1 win to get them to .500.

Either way, they are 2 games behind the Tigers and despite my post the other day, I don't give the Tigers a prayer.

I think the Twins are a borderline lock to overtake Detroit and win the division.

How often does someone call a .500 team in mid June a lock to win a playoff spot?

That's how good I find the Twins (or how mediocre I find the Tigers.)

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