Monday, June 29, 2009

Calmly and cooly getting the job done

I love wins like the opening game against the Orioles.

I clicked on my Yahoo Sports ticker and I saw that 2 batters into the game, the Sox were up 1-0, and I relaxed.

Seriously, I never for one moment felt nervous after Pedroia knocked in Drew in the first.

Lester calmly took care of business and another number was shaved off of the magic number.

If starting pitching wins titles, then let's look at what the Sox have done their last four games:

Beckett threw 7 shutout innings last Friday.
Wakes threw 6 shutout innings on Saturday.
Penny threw 6 innings and let up 2 runs on Sunday.
Lester threw 7 shutout innings on Monday.

Four games where the bullpen wasn't blown to hell and the pitchers threw to a 0.69 ERA.

Tuesday Smoltz tries again after his rotten first start and then Beckett throws. I take my chances to win this series.

Man, I love playing the Orioles!

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