Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'll take the wins any way I can get them!

When the Red Sox started this 6 game run against the Yankees and the Phillies, I thought 4 wins in that stretch would be terrific.

Last night, the Red Sox went 5-0 and are sending Beckett on the mound to make it another clean sweep.

Yeah it was a little ugly.

Yeah, Dice K still makes me nervous and any game where your team scores 5 runs before the other team comes to bat should NEVER be in doubt.

But it is in the win column.

And I'll always take 4 hit nights from Julio Lugo!

And if the Yankees can feel good about a game won because Luis Castillo couldn't catch a pop up, I'll feel good about this ugly slugfest in Philly.

Beckett tomorrow... playing with house money.

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