Monday, June 08, 2009

They are playing like WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!

Josh Outman is living up to his name and is now 4-0.

Jack Cust clocked a game winning homer.

Andrew Bailey (who desperately needs a nickname) gets another save.

And since I said they were turning things around last Wednesday... they haven't lost!

Plus the Rangers lost to Texas and might be without Josh Hamilton for a while.

.500 is within striking distance.
The Division might be in play.

And who knows? Maybe NOT firing Bob Geren was the right thing!

Watch him with Manager of the Year!


  1. It has been a good stretch of games, that's for sure. Mazzaro came up and seems to have ignited the whole rotation...maybe the A's will actually keep Holliday the whole season.

  2. or maybe its all BS!