Saturday, June 20, 2009


I saw the Mets had Johan Santana dealing against Tampa Bay today and I thought to myself "Well, he's found his stuff again."

I went out to do some work today and then came back... saw Tampa Bay won.

I shook my head thinking "Man oh man, the Mets just can't catch a break."

Then later...

I made dinner for my kids and I saw the Phillies came from behind to take the lead against the not exactly world beaters known as the Orioles.

I fed them dinner, gave them desert, cleaned off their plates and checked the scores.

Some how, some way the Orioles won in the 9th. The bullpen let up TWO 9th inning homers?

Doesn't anyone want to win this Division?

With the Marlins winning again, I wouldn't be too complacent if I were the two presumptive favorites.

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