Thursday, June 18, 2009

Penny for my thoughts

The Red Sox picked up a big burly guy who gives his team a chance to win, seems like a good guy to have in the clubhouse, has a winning record and has October experience.

And he is rumored to be dealt before you finish reading this sentence.

Yes I know John Smoltz looks strong and Clay Buchholz is waiting in the wings... 

But why is it such a tragedy to have a lot of pitching?

When was the last time you heard a contender grumbling about having TOO much pitching?

What are we trading for at this point?

A shortstop? Nick Green has been playing well, Jed Lowrie is about to come back and even Julio Lugo has had a few good games recently.

An outfielder? I'm fine with Bay/Ellsbury/Drew with Baldelli and Kotsay in reserve. (And Jonathan Van Every in Pawtucket.)

A hitter? Well it looks like Papi might be finding his groove. And one of the reserve outfielders can start and Drew can DH if necessary.

A catcher? Varitek and Kottaras are doing the trick fine right now.

So where is the glaring need for a trade right now?

Why not hold off, have the horrible problem of a lot of pitching and see if there are any major injuries down the stretch?

Then again, at this point I just trust Theo.

If I woke up tomorrow and saw Theo dealt Pedroia for a Class A reliever I never heard of, I'd have to say "Well, he knows what he is doing."

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  1. Theo is always thinking about the future. He may trade Penny for young talent and/or draft picks!