Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do the Yankees have a scouting department?

Someone named Fernando Nieve came into the wind tunnel home run machine known as new Yankee Stadium yesterday afternoon.

He had never faced the Yankees before... therefore he stymied them.

Doesn't that happen a lot to the Yankees?
Some pitcher you have never heard of shuts down the Yankee offense.

And in between talking about Broadway musicals, Suzyn (sic) Waldman and John Sterling will marvel about how terrific this young kid is... only to see the same pitcher get hammered in his next outing.

Don't the Yankees have scouts?
I mean the same organization that paid a total of $46 + million for Kei Igawa could throw around some scratch to have a guy or two sit in the stands and try to figure out a plan of attack against an unknown pitcher.

Just a thought.

If you are an opposing team facing the Yankees and you don't happen to have an ace (a la Roy Halladay) in your rotation... just go to your AAA affiliate and bring up a kid they've never heard of before.

You'll win 2 out of 3 games.

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  1. How true! Even the Sox fans get it; why doesn't the Yankee management notice this?