Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey Castillo... TWO HANDS!

Seriously... why is catching a ball with two hands such a rarity?

The Mets are on the verge of wiggling out of an amazingly tight spot, win a game against the Yankees and try to creep back towards the Phillies in the NL East... and Luis Castillo can't be bothered to use two hands.

It is cruel that Frankie Rodriguez gets a blown save for getting Alex Rodriguez to pop up to second to end the game.

Can't they find a loop hole in the rule book to give Castillo the loss?

Either way, in case anyone wonders why I am keeping a tally of Dodged Bullet and Teeth Grinder games for the Red Sox, look no further than this game between the Yankees and Mets.

If the Mets finish one game out of the playoffs for the third straight year, they can look to this game and say "Oh man... that was actually a win... and the Mets would go to the playoffs... if Castillo had used two hands."

Do you know who used two hands?

Steve Bartman.

And who hit the ball to Bartman?

Luis Castillo.

You'd think he would have learned.


  1. You can look at more than just this single game you dumb ass. You never played ball in your life. I don't even see your chicken shit name on this article. At least Luis puts his name on his shirt.Have another beer dude.

  2. Michael, Thank you for providing possibly my favorite comment in the history of Sully Baseball.

    -OK, so Castillo blows a game with a stupid play, and baseball writers are supposed to respond with a comprehensive look at his entire career? Is it unfair? Maybe. Is it inconsistent with the way baseball has been covered for a century? No. Ask Bill Buckner about that one.

    -How do you know Sully never played ball? But even if he hasn't, people who have the experience of "playing ball" are all OK with that play? His teammates didn't look thrilled. With the wealth of experience you have, how would you have recommended he try to catch that? Behind the back?

    -His name is Sully. The top of the blog says: Sully Baseball, and says it is by Paul Francis Sullivan. This header of this blog says "Sully" twice, and if you nclude the "about me" section, which is also right at the top, it says "Paul Francis Sullivan" twice. He not only put his name on this article, he put his name on it FOUR times, and even gave you his middle name, twice.

    -Sully doesn't drink beer.