Friday, July 02, 2010

Hey Diamondbacks... good luck getting sympathy for your pulled hamstring

Can you imagine a Diamondback player coming up to their new manager, Kirk Gibson, and complaining about a physical problem?

"Skip, I think I have some tightness in my quad. I may need to sit out tonight."

"Oh you've got some tightness? That's too bad. I bet it hurts. Do you know what also hurts? Having a busted right knee. Do you know what is worse than that? Also having a busted LEFT kneee. But I guess sometimes you have to SUCK IT UP and drag yourself to the plate when you CAN'T EVEN WALK and face a HALL OF FAME PITCHER in his prime with 2 outs in the World Series and hit a Game Winning homer ONE HANDED WITH NO USE OF MY LEGS! But really, I hope your quads feel better."

"I'll get some Ben Gay."

"Hold on, let me find that clip. It's kind of obscure... if by obscure you mean the most famous home run possibly in baseball history."

"No, you showed it already."

"Seriously. I insist you watch it again. I think my quads also hurt that night. I couldn't tell because I had no use of my legs."

"Can I call A. J. Hinch please?"

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