Friday, July 02, 2010

The Giants are making all the right moves... SO WIN ALREADY!

I've been calling for the Giants to make some key moves since May.

And because the San Francisco front office evidently listens to me, they've been taking my suggestions.

Burrell is a Giant and homering.

Posey has been recalled as has Bumgarner.

And now the Giants took a risk by dealing away a terrific pitch caller in Bengie Molina. But they are putting Posey behind the plate where he should be for the next 10 years and they brought in Chris Ray who should give the bullpen a little depth.

The sum total of all these moves?
A 6 game losing streak.

And not just any losing streak... the last 4 have been to the Dodgers and the Rockies, two of the teams that they are bunched up with in the NL West race.

What the hell? They are improved and yet have dropped nearly a week into the loss column.

Let's pick it up, Giants. You've got 3 more in Coors Field, and I am heading up to the Bay Area this weekend and will spend some time with my dad, the biggest Giants fan I know.

He's happier when the Giants are winning and I want a happy dad.
You've got the pieces... WIN!

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