Saturday, July 24, 2010

Look, I am happy the Yankees lost but...

The Royals beat the Yankees today and frankly, with KC on pace to lose 92 games, they need all the help they can get.

But when Mark Teixeira hit a difficult grounder with 2 outs and 2 on and the Yankees down by three, he beat out the throw to first base.

I thought it was the case with my naked eyes and less than one minute later no fewer than two replays showed he was clearly safe.

He was called out.

The Yankees would have had the bases loaded, 2 outs, Yankees down by 3 and A-Rod up, knowing an out would win the game for the Royals but a grand slam would win it for the Yankees.

It would have been pure baseball drama... and all instant replay screens showed it should have been.

But alas we can't have it because we can't waste that minute.

Ahhh the insanity of no instant replay.

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  1. The umpiring is getting more tragic by the day, The other day the Yankees got the benefit of 2 blown calls that was obvious and then later had one against them, Of course the Giants vs Mets Sunday was as bad as it gets, There seems to be at least one call a day that is so bad it boggles the mind, But this idiot Commish says no to instant replay, But what happens if we have another Deckinger moment like in the 85 World Series with todays Technology, If that happens it might damage Baseball beyond repair.
    I did not even mention the Umpiring in the playoffs last year in the (Yankee/Angels) series.

  2. Nutball... did you ever read my post on Instant Replay and the 1987 World Series?

    Not the 85 Series... Royals vs Cardinals
    but the 87 series... Twins vs Cardinals

  3. No I missed that one Sully, That is a good one, Thanks for sending it out to me, and responding to me, I had forgotten about that, like everyone is because the Twins won the game and the series, But I think we both fell there needs some type of replay and it should be started before the 10 PM Games tonight. But I am afraid it is going to take a call like that game in 87 and for it to cost someone a World Series