Sunday, July 04, 2010

Baseball swings and misses with Strasburg and the All Star game

Stephen Strasburg is not on the All Star roster.
Of course he isn't.
Why would he be? It would just make the All Star Game more electric, more fascinating and exciting.

Why would baseball want to do something like that?

Why would you want to have a phenom who has faced virtually NOBODY on the A.L. All Star team and have some fascinating head to head match ups?

Why would you want to have a moment where the player that is filling up stands in places like Cleveland and Washington play on the grandest stage while the interest of him is at a peak?

Why would you do something like that? Why would baseball want TO DO SOMETHING SMART?

And spare me talking about his win loss record. The Nationals have scored a grand total of 3 runs for him in his last 4 starts COMBINED!

And I don't want to hear about how the All Star Game roster spot needs to be for a truly accomplished player. The fans voted in Kosuke Fukudome one year.

Jose Offerman is a 2 time All Star. Tyler Green made an All Star team.

Were fans glued to the TV thinking "Oh boy, I hope Jose Rosado gets into this game."

And also spare me the whole "He'll make the All Star Game later" nonsense.
He will NEVER have this sense of mystery and freshness. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to have Strasburg face the A.L. All Stars for the first time... and they blew it to give Matt Capps a spot on the team.

No offense to Matt Capps... but what do you think will be a more memorable moment...

Strasburg versus Jeter, Guerrero and Mauer
Capps versus Ty Wigginton?

You blew it baseball.
Swing and a miss.

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  1. But how come K-Rod did not make the game

    I am so shocked--shocked

  2. I am glad he didn't make the team, he has really not been around long enough. He will be there soon though, i mean he is no Omar Infante.

  3. Don't agree with ya here pal... Braves showed us that Strasburg still has to put in some time to be an All-Star.

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if the Nats asked Charlie Manuel not to pick him. They are crazy about his innings pitched numbers.

    BTW, saw you on HBO2 this afternoon on "Reverse of the Curse of the Bambino" documentary. You did a great job on it, Sully. Will be on again at 4 PM PT on HBO2W.

    A Happy Fourth to you and yours, Sully.

  5. Jeff Bunnell8:07 PM

    If he truly is an All-Star, then he will be there for years to come. Tim Lincecum was called up in May of 2007, yet, not selected for that years team...which was in SF, btw. He's gone on to win back to back Cy Young awards. And he's made the All Star team 3 years in a row...
    So that's my point. When Mr Strasburg has earned it, he will be there.