Friday, July 09, 2010

Where there is Smoak there is fire

It looks like the Rangers pulled the trade off.

I've checked a few different sites and they are all saying the Rangers top young hitter, Justin Smoak, will be heading to Seattle and difference making ace Cliff Lee is going to the sauna known as Arlington.

And it looks like the Mariners don't give a damn about my advice.

It will be odd to see Cliff Lee wear a Rangers uniform for the first time in the All Star Game... but this is a strange time of year.

So now we see if Texas is for real.

I wasn't buying them last month... and I still won't believe this team until they are STILL in first place after Labor Day.

But color me impressed.

The Rangers are going for it.

Astros and Roy Oswalt... you are on the clock.

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