Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Old friend Wily Mo Pena is hitting .311 with 6 homers for the Bridgeport Blue Fish.

Meanwhile Bronson Arroyo won his 9th game, going 8 strong against the Mets with 1 earned run well on his way to yet another double digit win season with 200+ innings for the Reds.

Just felt like pointing that out.

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  1. I remember when the Reds had what seemed to be the best outfield in the NL with Dunn, Griffey, Kearns, and Pena. They had to rotate people out for playing time. Then Pena was traded and along came Josh Hamilton. Then he was traded and along came Jay Bruce. We all know the rest. As far as today, I like Gomes but I think Heisey should be starting in LF.

  2. Theo's biggest misstep. Every GM has at least one.

  3. Bronson Arroyo is what I'd call this man "the perfect man" because of the perfect innings he has gotten, actually I want to see this man in a game when I going to my son to the stadium , Bronson Arroyo is my son's idol.