Saturday, July 24, 2010

Roy... it might be time not to insist on that option being picked up

Seriously Roy... after today, you may not want to be playing double hard ball.

As for the Astros, what did I write last Monday?

I said the Astros may have blown their chance to deal Roy Oswalt and get a few darn good pieces to a rebuilding process on the squad.

I've been hounding them to deal Oswalt since before the 2009 season... and all THIS year too.

Then on Monday he leaves a game when a line drive went off his ankle. I said they blew it.
And I got private e mails from Astros fans saying "It's not going to affect his next start."

He looked lights out today... as in the lights are out on a big trade.
6 runs and 9 hits over 5 innings today?

He's combined for 9 innings over his last 2 starts and a not so pretty 7 runs over those 9.

Yeah, he's had a good year this year, but if you were going to mortgage your future AND commit for 2 expensive seasons, would you do it when the prize pitcher was in a slump?

You had your chance Houston...
You had your chance.

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