Friday, July 16, 2010

I think Cy and Rocket can relax

Tim Wakefield is 14 wins behind Roger Clemens and Cy Young for the all time wins mark in Red Sox history... and while I have been wrong before when I've given up on Wakes, yesterday's debacle was kinda sorta brutal.

I would love to see Wakes tie them... but at this point I don't see him making 14 more starts.

16 years as a Red Sox and few people have worn the uniform with the class and respect as #49.

He should get standing ovations and not have to pay for a meal from Hamden CT to Houlton ME.

But I have a feeling it is coming to an end.
I would want nothing more than to eat my words.

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  1. I think you're probably right. Once the rotation is at full strength with the return of Beckett and Buccholz, I think we'll see Wake move back to the bullpen.

  2. I think you mean #49, Sully. Wake is class all the way, but I'm starting to believe he won't reach the win record either.

  3. Mid way into last week I thought he was a lock to break the record, as a matter of fact I wrote this

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  4. Shoot, you can vulture way more wins as a reliever than a starter nowadays anyway if you're put in the right situations.