Friday, July 16, 2010

I have a feeling the Rookie of the Year race will come down to Strasburg and Posey

When I made my award picks at the 1/3 mark, I had Jason Heyward as the NL Rookie of the Year.

And when I my made 1/2 way mark picks just this week, I had Cardinals pitcher Jamie Garcia as the rookie of the year.

And if the season ended today, he should be...
But don't you get the feeling that Heyward and Garcia are going to be in third place at best when all is said and done?

I am guessing Stephen Strasburg and Buster Posey will be battling this one out.

Stephen Strasburg (whose presence in the All Star Game may have boosted its ratings above "Worst Ever" territory) just kept doing what he does best last night in Florida.

6 shut out innings and 7 strikeouts lowering his ERA to 2.03, giving him a 4.86 strikeout to walk ratio and a WHIP of 1.02. He's struckout 68 batters in 48 2/3 innings.

And his ERA+ is 203.
Now I confess, I have no clue what ERA+ means, but it sounds good.

Meanwhile Buster Posey has been everything the Giants would have wanted and then some.
Since Bengie Molina was dealt away to the Rangers and Posey was given the full time catcher spot, his average has gone up from .289 to .352.

His slugging was at .381... now it is .566. And OPS jumped from .695 to .954.

That's almost comical. Throw in the 6 homers in the 13 games since the Molina deal and maybe the Giants finally have a centerpiece for their line up.

But of course the main worry was can he call a game like Molina?
Well, the Giants have let up a grand total of 2 runs in their last 27 innings that Posey has called.

He knows what fingers to put down evidently.

What I am saying is if Jamie Garcia wants some hardware this off season, he had better pick up his game.

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  1. Give it to someone who plays in every game, not every 5 games or only 90 pitches per game. POSEY!!!!

  2. Oh I hate that whole "Pitchers only pitch every 5 games and that iess valuable" crap

    The starting pitcher is the single most valuable and important member of the team. A lousy team like the Astros suddenly become a formidable team when Roy Oswalt is on the mound.

    The Mariners are crap, but when Cliff Lee or Felix Hernandez pitched, suddenly they were more likely to win.

    I can just as easily say "Strasburg has to face 28 batters but Posey only has to go to the plate 4 times a game... obviously Strasburg effects the game more than some shmo who doesn't even come to bat every inning"

    Eliminating a pitcher from Rookie of the Year or MVP consideration is smearing feces on the wall crazy

    (But I also know you are a Giants homer, so I'll let it slide)

  3. I'm still saying Heyward.

  4. And he calls the entire game from the catcher spot too!