Saturday, April 10, 2010

The countdown to the Milton Bradley meltdown is winding down

In spring training, Milton Bradley was ejected from multiple games... games that DIDN'T COUNT!

Before the calendar got to April 10th, he was already flipping off the fans in Oakland... a fan base that he's already alienated.

If I were Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik I would already be working out a press release for when he is placed on waivers, explaining what a good guy he is but after [INSERT DISRUPTIVE INCIDENT HERE] it was clear to both parties that it was time to move on.

Trust me, it isn't if, but WHEN.

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  1. LOL... I never saw the clip (photo) of the game above... well done, Sully!

  2. yeah i'm sure the fans were nothing but kind and not yelling anything at him all game. think man....two sides to the story.

  3. Yeah Mummbles... I know the fans were probably not being kind.

    Here's the difference: Standing in the outfield and hearing it from the fans is part of the job. Might not be the best part of the job, but it is.

    I remember going to a game at Yankee Stadium in the early 1990s and Darren Bragg made his major league debut that day. The fans never heard of him, but were screaming obscenities at him.

    Zone it out. They are drunk and you have a job to do!

    And Bradley has let's say a checkered history, including throwing something at a fan during a game that got him tossed and removed from the 2004 playoff roster.

    (Not to mention his altercation with the manager in Cleveland, threatening an announcer in Texas, injuring himself in a tight pennant race during a temper tantrum in San Diego, his sparkling time in Chicago)

    If he can't zone out what some drunks are yelling at him, then it won't be long before the inevitable meltdown takes place.

    When I did stand up comedy, there would be hecklers. If I started screaming "F--- YOU! YOU C--- SUCKER!" at them, I wouldn't be hired back to the club.

    I could say "But hey! They were yelling at me! Two sides to the story!"

    And the club owner would shake their head and think "This guy can't handle it."

  4. There is a positive side to every story. We are in a recession and Milton is almost single handedly keeping bridge makers in business by burning them everywhere he goes.