Monday, April 26, 2010

The Giants and Lincecum won tonight

It was another solid win for the Giants tonight... they took 2 of 3 from the Cardinals and now won the first game from the 2 time defending NL Champion Phillies.

And their pitching has let up a total of 4 runs during those 4 games against some pretty potent bats and today Tim Lincecum got a big boost with the win.

Wait a second Sully, you say. Lincecum didn't pitch today. It was Jonathan Sanchez who got the win with a 5 inning effort that lowered his season ERA to 1.85.

Sure... but the Giants teed off on Roy Halladay, giving him his first blemish on his Phillies resume.

He got his first NL loss... and going into the game he had led up 3 earned runs in 33 innings pitched.

Tonight he let up 5 runs in 7 innings pitched.

Yeah it was his first blip... but Lincecum has yet to have a blip.

And as I wrote earlier, this NL Cy Young race has all the makings of a down to the wire staring contest... and each blink will count.

So has Lincecum taken the lead? Oh maybe.

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  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    The Freak is by far the favorite and will remain so as the Gigantes still can't hit which makes his wins more impressive than the other NL starters. You could argue that Halliday pitches in a bandbox, but he's got so much offense behind him. Plus Freak is always smiling and joking even on the days he pitches. How can you not root for him. Voter fatigue might hurt him but if he hits the 17-20 win mark and leads in strikeouts - Cy #3 is his.
    F the Dodgers!!