Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What if Garrett Jones is for real?

Last February, I suggested that the Pirates take a flier on veteran Jermaine Dye.

One of the reasons I felt that Pittsburgh would be a good fit was I thought the Pirates needed a power hitter.

At one point I said "Yeah, the Garrett Jones story last year was great... but are you really expecting a career minor leaguer to keep up his torrent second half pace?"

And why wouldn't I say that? Jones was a minor leaguer who hit 21 homers in 82 games... but I thought "Come on! I remember Sam Horn and Kevin Maas who launched homers left and right and then they throw him some curve balls and he'll show why he's a career minor leaguer."

Well guess what? He homered twice on opening day. And he homered already today.

What if he is for real? What if he is a Jake Taylor, Roy Hobbs or Crash Davis? A really talented guy who just never did get his shot!

What if suddenly the Pirates have a legit slugger in the middle of their lineup? And along with McCutchen and Milledge the Pirates might have a super outfield.

Can you imagine that?

I can.
And what does that mean?

That means that this trading deadline, Garret Jones will be traded by the Pirates for some minor leaguer you will never hear from again.

Ahhhh Pirates baseball.

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  1. I was thinking that too after I saw he homered today as well. It would be a great feel-good sotry if he could keep this up, for his own career and for the Pirates' season.

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