Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Who the hell is Scott Atchison?

And why is he on the mound in a 1 run game in the 10th of a Red Sox - Yankee game?

Oh wait... it's a 2 run game

My teeth are grinding.

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  1. and why does he look 55 years old?

  2. He was a guy that took 6 years to get to the majors and wasn't all that great for us. I hope he can get it together for you Sox fans. I hope Beltre can do the same for you guys too.

  3. I have another questions about today's game in addition to the one you propose. Why leave Papelbon in for more than an inning? I mean, I know there is an off day tomorrow so he will be rested, but it still seems like Francona stuck with him far too long. He should have put a non-Atchison bullpen arm out there after Pap worked his inning.
    The only thing I can find solace in is the fact that the Sox squared up all three of their outs in the 8th inning against Chan Ho Park, and just had horrible luck. If one of those balls hits a wall or finds a hole, the game's ours.

  4. It was clearly with his face in the sun.