Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thursdays are great for baseball fans

I really love Thursdays in baseball.
It's really the most underrated day of the baseball week.

The schedule is kind of light usually... but you get a lot of day games on getaway day. You get a lot of rubber games of series and a lot of times you see unusual batteries as managers tend to give a catcher a day off after a nightgame.

And it is an AMAZING day for those of us who live on the west coast because the games take place in the morning.

I have a TV in my office. Today, I had the Dodgers and the Pirates game on in the background.

First pitch: 9:35 AM!

The Reds had won their game against the Cardinals on a walk off homer before 12:30 PM!

The Blue Jays won late on a Vernon Wells homer and the Nationals held off the Phightin' Phils... all around lunch time.

Baseball is just a little quirky on Thursdays.
I have an idea!

Why don't I keep track of teams' record on Get Away Day?! Often the game seems like a throwaway, but I wonder if a team that rested everyone up will finish a game or two out of first.

Oh man, this is just what I need... another compulsive time waster on line!

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  1. Anonymous1:43 PM


    Yeah, I used to enjoy the morning sports out there on the left coast when I lived there, and now that I'm in NYC, I enjoy being a night owl and staying up late catching the west coast action!