Friday, April 09, 2010

Wow, Javier Vazquez is stinking up the joint... is anyone surprised?

Javy Vazquez is getting bombed right now in Tampa.

In fact he let up a homer to Willy Aybar as I was typing this.

I know it is his first game of the year, and yes I know he had great season last year.

He pitched with zero pressure last year.

And now he is back with the Yankees... where he didn't exactly shine.

Just remember, I thought this was a mistake last winter.

I think it is a mistake now.

Hey, his night is over... let's look at his line.

5 2/3 innings. 8 hits. 3 walks. 5 strikeouts. 2 homers. 8 Earned runs.

He's a HORSE! One of the elite pitchers in the game!
Remember of the past 12 seasons, he has thrown a grand total of 4 good seasons... the rest of his career has been sheer mediocrity.

You can look it up!

So write all the comments that you want about how Vazquez is a great pitcher.
When the season ends, he will be 10-13 with an ERA closer to 5 than to 4.

And he will be booed out of the joint!
You heard it here first.

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  1. Anonymous2:06 PM

    This guys truly sucks they need to drop him now and get someone in there fast