Saturday, April 17, 2010

QUICK! Trade Roy Oswalt before he gets hurt!

Roy Oswalt now has exactly half of the Astros wins for this year.

That would be a hell of a lot more impressive if he were with the 8-2 Phillies or the 9-3 Twins.

Then again if he were the Twins, he'd have to have 4 1/2 wins which is impossible...

But he has one win. And the Astros have one other win.

And I have a feeling that there won't be a hell of a lot more wins to talk about this year. I wrote before about how Roy Oswalt could be a prime piece of trade bait, especially since the Astros team has 100 losses written all over it and is old with a lousy farm system.

I say trade Oswalt right now... not this month. I mean right now as I am writing this sentence.

You've got a bunch of teams who are off to better starts than people expected and nobody (save for the Astros, Mets and Orioles) look completely dead at this point.

Imagine a team like the Diamondbacks (who need someone to replace Webb) or the A's (who need a veteran at the head of their staff) or the Tigers (whose pitching staff already has some big names) showing their fan base that they are going for it.

Or the Angels needed to replace Lackey... or the Mariners filling in for the injured Cliff Lee with the promise of 3 aces in their staff... or the Red Sox moving Buchholz to the #5 slot for the deepest starting staff in the bigs... or the Yankees realizing what I knew already that trading for Javy Vazquez was an awful idea.

Oswalt is coming off of (for him) a down year but looks like an ace so far.
And the Astros need youth... and now with each game he pitches well his value goes up. But there's also the chance that he might get hurt and then blammo! His value is in "Oliver Perez" territory.

Do it, Astros. This season is over. You can get 3 good pieces at this point. A hungry team can show its fan base that this year is for real... and do so BEFORE Memorial Day. There will be more buzz and they'll have a top starter for almost the whole season.

I know it sucks... but do you know what also sucks? The 2010 Astros. Start thinking about 2011 NOW!

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  1. I definitely think they should trade him. They should have last year. The Astros have no way to compete.