Monday, April 26, 2010

If Vazquez is a horse, you had better call the glue factory

Another game for Javy Vazquez… another day the Yankees bullpen needs to work in overtime.

The Yankees have 6 losses this year and three were thrown by Vazquez.

Remember him? The guy who people were saying was a horse. The guy people kept saying was a Cy Young candidate?

He has an ERA of 9.00 so far.
That’s an earned run an inning.
And he also averages 5 innings a start. Wasn’t he a bulldog innings eater?

As of this writing, an average Vazquez start is leaving after 5 innings with 5 runs on the board.

The Yankees needed to trade away Melky Cabrera and prospect Arodys Vizcaino for that? How could signing Jarrod Washburn be worse?

This trade stunk in December, it stunk in spring training and it stinks now for the Yankees.

And I get a certain amount of glee pointing that out.

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  1. Vazquez does great, until it's a big game, then his pitching abilities vanish. With the NY media and the Yankees "legacy", I'd say every game would be "big" to Javy.

  2. Normally I would mock and jape the Yankees with glee, but my Braves just got swept by the Mutts and are hitting under the Mendoza line over the past two weeks. I'mma just going to sit over here in the corner and drink a cold bitter mug of shame instead.

  3. Still too early to discount Javy...besides, the other four starters for the Yanks are doing pretty well to start the season.....if Javy continues to struggle, all the Yanks have to do is pick up Lilly or Meche come mid-season.

  4. This is a case where both teams got the worst end of the Trade, You made the case on Javy and The Braves are stuck with Melky Cabrera His Stats in 17 games are 9 hits in 59 at bats. 1 Home Run 2 RBIs, he has Kd 10 times.