Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't look now but the Pirates are fun so far

Chances are when this season is over, the Pirates will have had their 18th consecutive losing season.

And as I wrote back in 2007, there is no excuse for that long a streak.

But as I type this around 12 AM on Patriots Day (April 19 for you uninformed) the Pirates have a winning record and are one game back of the Cardinals.

I say enjoy it, Pirate fans.

They are a young and energetic team that will inevitably come back to the pack (remember how the Blue Jays had a 3 1/2 game lead in May... only to be a seller at the trade deadline?)

But kids not yet in college in Pittsburgh have no memory of a Pirate team worth watching.

They just swept the Reds. Now granted, the Reds are no longer the Big Red Machine, but they have enough talent for one dopey blogger to have picked them to win the pennant last year!

They are playing the Brewers starting on Tuesday. I picked the Brewers to win the division THIS year!

Who knows? Maybe the Pirates are on a roll.
At least they are interesting.

Hey... they are winning. Enjoy it now.
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