Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another American Idol post

Sorry folks... I am an American Idol addict as well as a baseball nut. And I have no other public forum to make such an announcement:

Crystal Bowersox had better win!

You screwed up in the past, America.

Melinda Doolittle
was clearly the best a few years ago... and she didn't make the finals.

And last year's debacle, when the dynamic Adam Lambert lost to the completely devoid of charisma Kris Allen, prompted a modest Sully Baseball rant.

So come on... Bowersox has talent, charisma and is memorable.
The appeal of Lee DeWhatever as completely eluded me. Siobhan, Big Mike or even Lilly Scott would have made this final more interesting than the MammaSox vs. Bland Nondescript White Guy match up.

Bowersox had better win. I tend to root for anything with S-O-X in its name.

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