Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Giants... take your time getting a new bat

Another Matt Cain start was wasted tonight because the Giants can't hit.

Now Padres starter Clayton Richard is a talented guy... but he shouldn't be shutting down Los Gigantes on a critical game like this.

And yes, this game is critical and these games are must wins.

And the Giants are now 1 1/2 games back of the Padres, one in the loss column.

They are technically two evenly matched teams that were tied in the loss column going into this game.

Head to head? The Padres are 7-0 against the Giants.
In this match up of two teams that want the NL West, the Padres are a week ahead of the Giants.

Think THAT will bite them in the ass? If the Giants are struggling with the Padres down the stretch, you think the full week of game headstart the Friars were given won't haunt them?

Seriously. I mapped it out already. If Dye wants too much cash, call Burrell.
And oh yeah, get Buster Posey up here now.

If the Red Sox are going to sink below .500 then at least I want to see the Giants win something!

Say it with me... a bat! A bat!

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  1. Red Sox want to trade a bat for someone who cant get an out while pitching? HAHAHAHAHA

  2. You guys want J.D. Drew?