Friday, May 21, 2010

I don't approve of all the uniform decisions in the Beltway Series

The rivalry between the Orioles and the Nationals could be pretty cool in a few years if all of their prospects work out... and let's hope by the time both of these teams are good, they've worked out their uniform issues!

What's with the O's hats? Granted, these hats aren't as bad as the ornithology correct bird hats... but it's still kind of lame.

Besides, the Orioles HAD one of the coolest hat logos in all of baseball.

I've been BEGGING the Orioles to bring back the smiling bird hat. If they don't want to have the white front to the cap, then fine. Have it all black with the smiling bird. But neither the boring sideways bird nor the O's say to me Baltimore Orioles.

It's an easy fix, Baltimore.

As for the Nationals... what are these red tops?

You know when you go into clubhouse store for your favorite team and they have toddler uniforms or onesies that aren't exactly the team uniforms? That's what these red tops look like.

That's right... I am saying the Nationals look like toddlers.

I told them to get rid of the cursive W and I already praised their regular home uniforms... so don't mess around making them look like babies.

By the time those babies can walk, with Strasburg on the hill, this could be an awesome clash of talent.

Look the part!

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