Sunday, May 09, 2010

Was it turn back the clock day in Philadelphia?

Seriously… Cole Hamels throws well for the win?
Brad Lidge goes 1-2-3 for the save?

Did I go back in time to 2008?
I had to check to see if Pat Burrell was in the lineup for the Phillies.

(Now where was that start by Hamels and 9th inning by Lidge in the World Series LAST year?)

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  1. Cousin Bill7:19 PM

    Hamels and Lidge also teamed up in Hamels prior start against St. Louis on Tuesday May 4, which Philly won in the 10th on a walk off home run. That was the second of the two games where a fan ran onto the field to disrupt the game, a most unwelcome trend. The night before the cops tasered the 17 year old kid who ran out after calling his dad to ask him if he should do it (seriously?). That video on You Tube did not help the city of Brotherly Love, so the next night there was no tasering of the 34 year old misfit who ran out and killed Cole's mojo. Hamels had gone 8 strong innings, and was staring down the first batter in the ninth when the ump threw his hands up to call time because of the outfield intruder. Without the taser, it took a while to corral him. Hamels stalked off the mound and was visibly pissed. As soon as the game restarted, he coughed up back to back doubles and that was it. Charlie brought in Lidge. Have not seen fan interference change the flow of the game as clearly as that night. I guess if it is going to happen to someone, it would happen to Cole, though. He is unique, an enigma.