Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Vazquez... then Redding... will the Yankees bring back Kevin Brown next?

The Yankees signed Tim Redding today and are bringing him back for his second go round with the club.

This picture is from his first stint with the Yankees in 2005. In fact I can't believe I could find it on the internet...

It's from the only game he ever pitched in a Yankees uniform.

The first time around he was gone before he could even be fitted for pinstipes. The Yankees pitching staff in 2005 was a mess and only their bats and Mariano Rivera's dominance kept them in contention.

So on July 15th, the Yankees brought in Tim Redding from San Diego to start a game in Fenway Park.

It didn't go well. Both Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek hit RBI doubles in the first to make it 3-0.
In the second he walked Mark Bellhorn and Johnny Damon and allowed a single to Edgar Renteria. (Man, what a time capsule that game was... Idiots like Millar, Mueller, Manny and Mirabelli all played in that game. As did the late Geremi Gonzalez.)

Torre lifted him and all of the runners would come around to score.
The Red Sox won 17-1 that day.
Redding's line was 1 inning pitched, 4 hits, 6 runs (all earned) 4 walks, 2 strikeouts.

The other pitchers Darrell May, Jason Anderson and Buddy Groom fared poorly as well... and like Redding were all long gone by the time the playoffs got started.

The Yankees wound up winning the east thanks to unlikely contributions from Shawn Chacon, Chein Ming Wang and Aaron Small... all of whom made up for the failures of Jaret Wright, Carl Pavano, Kevin Brown, Sean Henn and of course Tim Reding.

With 2004 flop Vazquez coming back and yesterday not withstanding being a disaster it seems like they are trying to have a reunion of those mid 2000s pitching flops.

Of course Vazquez and Redding weren't teammates in 2005... you had to be quick to have called him a teammate that year. You only had 24 hours.

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