Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In the NBA playoffs, I am rooting for Lucy

In the past I have written several posts where I support Cleveland fans in their Quixotic quest to have any happiness in their sports life.

I talked about feeling their pain...

I advised them to stop watching sports for the rest of the year after LeBron and company flopped last spring...

And I told them to move to Florida where they will be happier sports wise.

I always root for the Cleveland team because they are Charlie Brown. (Perhaps a better name for the football team would be the Cleveland Charlie Browns.)

I have nothing but sympathy for Cleveland fans and would LOVE to see them get a title... except when they play one of my own teams.

It just goes to show how powerful team loyalty can be. I rooted so hard for the Red Sox against the Indians in 2007 even though I had already seen my Red Sox win a World Series and slay the Yankee dragon a few years before.

I also knew that Indians team would probably be dismantled and 2007 was the best chance for Cleveland to celebrate.

I didn't care. I wanted to see them squirm. If the Sox had lost, I would have been rooting for the Indians big time against the Rockies.

But against my team, a region's suffering is meaningless.

And now I have the Celtics up against the Cavs.
I've seen the Celtics win it all 4 times... including a 2008 title against the dreaded Lakers.

Rooting for a Celtic title this year is just greedy... and the chances of LeBron James sticking around in Cleveland are fading fast. And the once in a lifetime talent could leave Cleveland without a ring.

And if the Cavs won this series, I would be rooting for them all the way.

But against my team? Screw em!

I am not rooting for Charlie Brown. I am rooting for Lucy to pull the football away.

Does that make me a jerk?

Yeah probably.

Go Celtics.

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