Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nolan Ryan's Turf

I am glad to see Nolan Ryan is back endorsing products again... this time he is an apathetic pitchman for Lowe's Hardware and Scott's Lawncare.

I found one thing to be a little odd. He was looking for stuff to grow grass and talked about how he played on some great turf.

And of course what team did he play for longer than any other team in his career?

That would be the Houston Astros... who of course played on Astroturf.

If the Lowe's Guy was such an expert to have people wanting his autograph, you'd think he'd at least ask Ryan if he wanted to see any of the primo artificial lawns that they have in the back.

(These are the things that pop into my head while watching a Padres/Dodgers blow out late at night.)

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