Thursday, May 27, 2010

Met fans... please don't get too excited

Yes, I know the Mets just swept Philadelphia.

That's always a cool thing.

I know the Mets are only 2 back and look like world beaters right now. I beg of you, Met fans... don't get too excited.

Seriously, it isn't going to end well.

And in fact I think the two nice runs the Mets went on this year will in the end hurt the team... because they NEED to make a big move like dealing Santana when his value is at its best, and they won't do that when they think they are a contender!!

Just enjoy this fluke and don't start making October plans...


There was one factor in today's game the team should take into account.

Once again my rocker friend Jaime Fallon was in attendance... and as I wrote before, when she shows up, the Mets win.

It hasn't failed yet.

The Mets should just give her a season pass, and then get ready for October ball.

(Seriously, Jaime's attendance is the only reason I can think of for the Mets good fortue.)

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