Friday, May 28, 2010

Celtics Magic number is 4

Maybe it was appropriate that Nate Robinson was the hero for the Celtics tonight... a guy I forgot was even on the roster.

He's #4... which is exactly the number of wins I hope the Celtics have left in them to get banner #18.

After the hiccup of the Game 4 overtime and Game 5, they are back to being a team that doesn't look intimidated by anyone. Not Wade's Heat.. Not LeBron's Cavs... Not Howard's Magic...

Why should Kobe's Lakers be any different?

I talked to my friend Kenny Mack, the great writer for the Santa Monica Daily Press, who knows a crap load more than me about basketball, broke down the Celtics chances in the Finals.

"We are 4 wins away not only from raising banner #18 and our second in 3 years... but it will officially put an asterix next to the Lakers title last year. Garnett was hurt, otherwise we'd be talking three-peat."

Kenny began to breakdown the Lakers player by player to me showing why the Celtics have more than a punchers chance to win.

I stopped him. "There is one important thing that the Celtics have that the Lakers don't right now... they've already clinched a spot in the Finals!"


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