Saturday, May 29, 2010

Should the Giants get ready to retire #28 as well?

If Buster Posey keeps hitting like this, Posey will be joining Monte Irvin in a number retirement ceremony for the Giants before long.

Now I know that I am not alone in screaming for the Giants to recall this guy!
How many minor league call ups get a standing ovation in their first at bat of the season?

Then he proceeds to drive in 3 runs... or two more than the Giants had against the A's a few weekends ago.

We can't go crazy, because it was against the D'Backs, not exactly a powerhouse. But it COULD mean he is a spark the Giants are looking for without trading away anyone.

Now my dad, as big a Giants fan as you will ever meet, thinks it is a mistake to not play him at catcher. "He's the future and if they move him around, it might screw him up. Either call him up and stick him behind the plate or let him work it out in Fresno."

Well Bochy didn't listen to my dad's advice... but if a 3-4 performance with 3 RBI hits is a screwed up hitter, then Giants fans better hope he never gets help.

Reserve room on the wall for 28!

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  1. Yah, it was about time. I think people will be upset if they expect power numbers from him. He can maybe hit 15-20 hr and has pop but I dont think he is a huge power guy, but he sure can get hits, and hits easily turn into doubles or triples in sf. And he can get a double when its a real double, unlike bengie molina. I love molina but I think its time to trade him and maybe a pitcher for some more bats, if we can score 4 runs a night we should be able to take the NL west. GO GIANTS!