Wednesday, May 26, 2010


On the surface, not much has changed.

The Rays still have the best record in baseball.

The Red Sox still trail both the Rays and the Yankees (although they leap frogged Toronto into third place.)

And yet a lot has changed.

They looked like a dead from the neck up team in Detroit a few weekends ago and started a 10 game stretch against the Yankees, Twins, Phillies and Rays. And only the two games against Minnesota were at home.

It was a stretch that essentially could have buried the Red Sox.
And it began with a "Oh boy, I guess the season IS over" Papelbon meltdown in the Bronx.

Their record, including the Papelbon bed wetting, over those 10 games?


They faced some of the best teams in the game and out hit them (they scored 5 or more runs 7 times in that stretch) and out pitched them.

In their current 5 game winning streak, the average Red Sox start has been roughly 7 innings and 1 earned run... against the best team in the NL and the AL.

Not much has changed except the Red Sox outscored the best team in baseball 19-4 on their own turf.

Notice has been served.

The Red Sox are waking up... you should have buried them when you had the chance!
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