Sunday, May 23, 2010

A novel solution to those who think Interleague Schedules are unfair

Awww... Poor Red Sox play the Phillies while the Rays get the lowly Astros.
Boo Hoo!


The match up of Tim Wakefield versus Roy Halladay looks like a mismatch?
It probably was, but when Wakes left the game after 8 innings, the score was 8-0 Red Sox and on the heels of Dice-K's near no-no, they are 5-1 since Papelbon's meltdown in the Bronx last Monday.

And now Wakes has 176 wins as a Red Sox and needs only 16 to catch Roger Clemens and Cy Young for most Red Sox wins all time.

And they are 5-1 against the Yankees, the first place Twins and the first place Phillies.

Now they are off to Tampa to see if they can cut into their 9 game deficit in the loss column.

Will it be hard to do? Sure... but this is a pennant race, not a picnic and a ride on the Swan Boats! Stop whining and win some games!

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  1. I know this won't change your mind, Sully, but it's worth the read. From Joe Sheehan, who I have a lot of respect for:

  2. From the first paragraph I am yawning. The same bored, not thought out, lazy and totally meaningless arguments. But I will move on and read more than the first paragraph. Maybe he will say something that isn't 100% wrong.

    Oh my God. Three paragraphs in and he is aggressively not making sense. Um, numbskull... of course the games aren't played in September. They are meant to give a little spark to games in the MIDDLE of the season. Is this guy PAID to write? I'll continue.

    OK, I'm 4 paragraphs in. This guy is a moron. Using the same "Who cares about these match ups?" total bullshit. Um, who cares about Astros/Pirates? Isn't it worth having some interesting match ups, like the 1971 World Series reunion, or the Barry Bonds going to Fenway?

    I'll read on.

    Oh Christ, is he REALLY doing the soft schedule route? Remember how crappy Tampa Bay was in 2004? Remember how they were so bad that it was considered unfair to play them? Remember how they went on a big winning streak in Interleague play?

    Remember how the Rockies were a nonfactor in interleague play in 2007 before they won 5 of 6 from the Yankees?

    Sometimes teams GET UP for big match ups...

    Seriously, exactly what part of this article wasn't cut and paste from any other nonsensical article written EVERY year since 1997?

    Sorry, not impressed

    But you are a good guy Q

  3. I certainly respect your opinion and thoughts on the subject, Sully. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. You rock, Q...

    We agree on a lot.
    Keep reading, I got a few doozies that I am working on