Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jayson's Werth

Remember how at the Trade Deadline it was a foregone conclusion that Jayson Werth was going to be dealt for bullpen help. He is going to be a free agent and hey! Domonic Brown would take over in right field. He got uniform #9... just like Roy Hobbs.

I wonder if anyone was thinking that today when Werth clubbed that 2 run walk off 9th inning shot in Philly.

Forget bullpen help... Werth closed the game out himself.

That coupled with Brad Lidge finding himself and this could have been the best trade the Phillies DIDN'T make.

I think it is time to forgive them for the Cliff Lee deal.
Brown could wind up with a ring at the end of the year anyway.

Big series against Atlanta this week. I am guessing Werth will come up big.

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Big series from Atlanta over. I am confirming you are right. Werth came up huge. And he hired Scott Boras over the weekend. We will enjoy his final weeks as a Phillie. Bill from Delaware