Monday, September 27, 2010

I don't often quote Don Henley but...

... all I can say to Red Sox fans is "Don't look back, you can never look back."

When I saw that Clay Buchholz was showing off his ace stuff and A. J. Burnett was proving that he shouldn't even be allowed to BUY a playoff ticket... I did what every single Red Sox fan on the planet Earth did:

Lament what happened last night in the Bronx.

3 outs away from the sweep... and tonight we'd be 3 GAMES BACK in the loss column.

But we can't look back.

We don't know how we'd play with the pressure on and how the Yankees could have rebounded after an embarrassing sweep at home.

You can't just replace one detail of the past with another one and expect all the other details to remain the same.

Did we learn ANYTHING from Back to the Future?

So just savor the fact that the Red Sox will probably win 90 games and the Yankees look vulnerable going into October.

And oh yeah... technically the Red Sox are still alive.

They will take it to the limit.

(OK, I'll stop any more Don Henley references.)

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