Monday, September 20, 2010

NL West race is going to top ROCKY II

It is appropriate that one of the teams involved in the NL West race are called The Rockies, because I am reminded of one of the Rocky films when I look at how the division is winding down.

Each team, the Rockies, Giants and Padres, get a breather today.

That’s bad news for the Rockies (who have an extra day to mull how they blew a 6 run lead and a chance to force a 3 way tie in the loss column.)

That’s good news for the Padres (who could use a day to regroup after a lousy series in St. Louis.

And indifferent for San Francisco (who probably wouldn’t mind another calendar day in first place.)

Then back to slugging it out… which is what reminds me of Rocky II.

(Spoiler for those of you who haven’t seen a 31 year old movie.)

That was the one where Apollo and Rocky were fighting and in what looks like the 438th round, they both took a punch (like you do in a boxing match) and both fell to the ground.

So both guys fell down and both were scrambling to stand up… holding onto the ropes in the process.

The heavyweight title was going to go to whomever managed to stand up. It had nothing to do with records, training, how they fought up until that point…

Just stand up and you’ll win.

We’re at this point with the NL West. It doesn’t matter who is on the roster… how well you played… if you had slumped or gone on a tear… it doesn’t matter how well the GM made trades or who is in the farm… it doesn’t matter who has the higher payroll.

There is about a dozen games left. Great teams can have a lousy 12 some odd games. Terrible teams can have a terrific 12 some odd games.

It is all thrown out the window.

The NL West will go to whomever is left standing.

And this race will be even better because there are THREE. It would be like Clubber Lang jumping into the ring at the last minute.

Grab the ropes, Giants.

I don’t want my dad to yell like Apollo.
Go catch that chicken and win that Division!

(If you needed to have that reference explained, then you haven’t seen Rocky II!)

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