Sunday, September 12, 2010

Giants passed a lot of tests

Well, both Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum passed their tests today with flying colors... and both former Cy Young winners gave their team the right to have visions of pennants dancing in their heads.

But man oh man did the Giants as a team show the NL West they are for real this weekend.

They were 2 back (3 in the loss column) when they showed up at Petco.
They leave tied (1 back in the loss.)

Remember when their starting pitching went AWOL?
Here's how they did this weekend.

Matt Cain - 8 innings. 8 ks. 1 walk. 5 hits. 3 earned runs.
Jonathan Sanchez - 5 innings. 4 Ks. 7 walks. 1 hit. 0 earned runs.
Madison Bumgarner - 7 innings. 4 Ks. 0 walks. 3 hits. 1 earned run.
Tim Lincecum - 7 innings. 9 Ks. 1 walk. 7 hits. 1 earned run.

That means the average start this weekend was...
6 2/3 innings. 6.25 ks. 2.25 walks. 4 hits. 1.25 runs.

And that run total includes a garbage time home run in the 9th that Cain let up to Ryan Ludwick.

The Padres are stumbling against any team not called the Dodgers and are about to face a freight train called the Rockies.

And the Giants are going to host the "dead from the neck up" Dodgers.

The Padres could be in third place by the time they leave Denver.

Keep this up Giants.
There are other tests coming up and none of them are written exams.

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