Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey look at that! the Red Sox won a game!

So the Sox didn't get swept by the Orioles. It's been that kind of stretch run where THAT is the branch I cling to so I can feel better.

A nice good old fashioned not close win. A few homers. Some nice pitching from Lackey. Boom! A win.

There are 10 games left including 6 with the Yankees that, barring one of the most staggering collapses in baseball history, will be meaningless.

Here's all I want from the Sox for the rest of the year.

6 wins.
If they go 6-4 I can feel OK.

Naturally I don't feel great about this season that has fallen short. But with all the injuries and disappointments and slumped shoulders and staying home in October... to end up with 90 wins will feel pretty good in terms of looking forward to 2011.

Ahhh how our expectations lower in a disappointing year.

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