Tuesday, September 21, 2010


When I saw the Gigantic block that suddenly appeared at Yankee Stadium and saw all the people walking up to touch it, I immediately thought of the Dawn of Man in 2001.

Come on! I can't be the only one who thought of that!

I love how George's monument dwarfs that of Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Miller Huggins, Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth's.

Were we expecting something SUBTLE?
Don't complain folks. Steinbrenner wasn't a subtle guy. He's a guy who saw Yankee Stadium and said "I can do better"... TWICE!

Before anyone writes in saying I am not being respectful, remember I am a Red Sox fan who practically wrote a love letter to Steinbrenner after he died.

But look at that picture of David Wells and tell me he isn't going to throw a bone in the air and have it turn into a spaceship!

(Hey, we're talking about the Monolith and it is 2010! Eeerie. OK, not really.)

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  1. Monolith music by Ligeti. Sounds like Righetti.

  2. It was an unmanned, space-based nuclear missile silo, not a space ship. Just FYI...

    From one sci-fi nerd to a sports geek.

  3. It's a little large for my taste. If the Yankees truly cared about tradition, they'd have one for Frankie "The Cro" Crosetti (most consecutive years in pinstripes, most WS appearances, most rings). Bob Sheppard should have one too.

  4. Imagine if they had that one when the monuments were still in play! A fielder would never be able to get around it.

  5. Ruth was larger than life while living. His monument should not be dwarfed by some team owner.