Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Girardi and Vazquez talk on the mound

At one point during a typical Javier Vazquez start (less then 5 innings, more than 5 runs) he got hit by a line from Blue Jays' John Buck.

Joe Girardi and the training staff came running out to talk to him.

GIRARDI: Javy! Are you alright?

VAZQUEZ: I'm fine skip. Let's play ball.

GIRARDI: Man this looks bad. You could have been killed.

VAZQUEZ: What are you talking about? I picked it up, I threw the guy out at second.

GIRARDI: No. I think there's some real damage here. Can you even move your arm?

VAZQUEZ: What the hell? I'm fine. I'm ready to keep pitching.

(Girardi grinds his teeth as he talks to Vazquez real close face to face.)

GIRARDI: It would be a SHAME if this line drive took you not only out of the game but maybe even ends your season.

VAZQUEZ: Ends my season? I'm making my bid for a post season start.

(Girardi fumes.)

GIRARDI: Gee Javy... how AWFUL would it be for me to not include you on the playoff roster because of an INJURY. But I guess you would be looked at as a warrior who gave his body for the team as opposed to a bust of a starting pitcher whose ERA starts with a f*cking 5!!!

VAZQUEZ: (Standing his ground.) I'm fine.

GIRARDI: You know you being injured... it would be a shame but it would be a no brainer for me to have a healthy pitcher on the team and no loss of honor for you. Don't you agree Javy?

(The Umpire breaks it up.)

UMP: Hey, is he ready to pitch?

VAZQUEZ: You bet I am... and you'll see. Not only am I healthy but you are going to know EXACTLY where I fit on this playoff roster.

(Girardi glares at him and walks back to the dugout. Vazquez pitches to the next batter...)

(An inning later Vazquez lets up a 3 run homer to put the Yankees in a 7-0 hole. He finishes the game and probably his Yankee career with 4 2/3 innings, 7 runs, 10 hits, 2 walks and 0 strikeouts. His record is 10-10 and his ERA is 5.32.)

(Girardi takes him out.)

GIRARDI: You just COULDN'T play hurt, could you?

VAZQUEZ: (Shoulders slumped.) Does this affect my post season chances?

GIRARDI: Don't worry. I am sure we can get you tickets to the games.

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