Sunday, September 12, 2010

Unlike Robert E, THIS Lee can beat the Yankees

It's safe to say that whatever shot Lee took worked. And let's just say let's not ask too many questions to what it was.

Ron Washington handed Cliff Lee the ball and basically said "Look, we've been wearing out our bullpen. I know you haven't pitched since August 31 and you haven't pitched more than 5 2/3 innings since August 16th... But could you PLEASE give us a few innings? And oh yeah, we're playing the Yankees."

If Lee got bombed, then the Rangers would have been the definition of "We're just happy to be in the playoffs."

Instead, he pitched into the 9th and the Rangers swept the Yankees and served notice that the Rangers have their ace back.

This was no Vicksburg... This Lee isn't about to surrender to the Yanks.

(Too Soon?)

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